Authentic You Women’s Workshops

Discover what gives your life meaning

June 12 to 14, 2020 at Harmony Farm, Rice Lake: SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE – $655 – Payment deadline is May 31, 2020

Be pampered, be loved, get to know miniature horses and enjoy every wonderful aspect of YOU! This weekend is all about YOU!

Why Authentic You Workshops?

 BE TRUE. BE AUTHENTIC. BE YOU. As women, some of us are constantly in fear of being judged. Horses are incapable of judgment. What a unique thought; to go to a place where judgment does not exist, and we can just be ourselves! They don’t care about our clothes, our weight, our spiritual or political beliefs, or where we’ve come from. They just care about helping you to be the best version of YOU that you can be. You are unique! No BS workshops.

Take back your power

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.     
Alice Walker

Find serenity within yourself, love you and the now

If you look at what you have in life, you’ll always have more. If you look at what you don’t have in life, you’ll never have enough.
Oprah Winfrey


Our workshops give you the guidance, the “coach,” and the venue to allow you to find your own self-truths.

Our workshops are for all women, and especially for those who: Seek passion in their personal and work life. Still struggle privately with sadness, loneliness, anxiety and depression. Experience occasional or continual self-hate. Deal with the burden of emotional pain. Crave balance and inner peace. Want to develop skills in assertiveness and communication techniques. Want to build their self-worth/self-esteem. Want to find their gifts that might be lost or buried to discover their authentic selves to ‘you’, ‘yourself’ and ‘I’ to move forward with power and confidence.

Our coaches are four-legged ones who greet you without judgment, without concern for your history, and without preconceived ideas of what you are. They will guide you to self-knowledge and a calmness and strength that will change your life permanently.



Lisa and Krystyna both have Ontario Health backgrounds and are certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitators.

Lisa has experience facilitating many learning events in the health field throughout Ontario. Lisa has years of Skills Development practice as a Public Health Nurse and is enjoying integrating her knowledge with Equine Assisted Learning. Lisa is holding her Equine Assisted Learning programs at Saffron Equine Centre in the beautiful setting of rolling hills in Bethany, where she also cares for broodmares and foals.  Using trained horses that are specially chosen for the EAL programs she encourages fun, learning and meaning in all of her skills development challenges.

Krystyna has taught Harmonious Riding at Harmony Farm Rice Lake, Bailieboro. Developing her own program of relational bonding with a horse through riding partnerships, she is enjoying her move towards facilitating horses on the ground. As they become the teachers (no riding the teachers) and Krystyna the facilitator, a working partnership develops between horse and students through interaction by step in moments. The courses and workshops provide guidance in life skills development for women through the proven (5 years of study by 3 universities) developmental skills building programs as set out by the Equine Connection Corporation.

Re-vive • Re-vitalize • Re-create • REAL you!


9:00 am:

We start with a presentation to take you through what Authentic You is about. Mainly we want to meet you, get to know you and laugh. Laughter brings joy and that is what our weekend is about. Bringing joy to your life, having fun and being in the moment.

After introductions you will be partnered and choose your miniature horse where the fun starts. We have selected challenges that you and your team partners (mini included) will engage in. Don’t worry your mini will be in on the conversations too, helping you figure out our puzzles and you’ll be laughing during the process.
After we debrief. We’ll go over a few things and round out our morning.

Lunch time: Off we go to enjoy a wonderful three course lunch.

Our afternoon will be more conversations and another challenge with your mini and a new partner.

After which we will take you to your gorgeous accommodation and finish with a three course dinner under the stars. A fire-pit to chat around and a spa pool to swim in delightful bubbles. Your evening finishes in comfort in your bedroom.


7:30 to 8:00am: A lovely healthy hot/cold breakfast will start your day and then off to your spa!

You will love Jaime, our yogist. She is going to pamper you for an hour and a half with soothing exercises and a hot stone massage. Soooo goood!

On your return you will meet Amanda an amazing artisan who is going to help you create a gorgeous horse shoe dreamcatcher including tail hair from your mini (cleaned and minus burrs of course!)

Creativity is one of the best ways to stimulate our senses. Our chemicals thrive and that oh so good feeling pervades us with a wonderful well being throughout our minds and bodies. This is your memento to take home and remember these glorious three days.

Lunch time: Another delicious three course lunch.

On to Rolling Grape Vineyard for a complimentary sampling of the wines and a vineyard tour with Jon.

From Rolling Grape Vineyard we travel 5 minutes to meet Leslie as Walton Wood Farm. You will be taken on a wonderful tour. Don’t be afraid to ask about their television appearances. I’m sure they’d love to tell you the stories.


8:00 am: Our last delicious breakfast at the farmhouse as we pack away our belongings and memento.

10:00 am: Return to HarmonyFarm Rice Lake for our second day of Authentic You. Our final presentation and discussion and then out to your new mini for another challenging program to get you thinking outside of the box.

Lunch time: Lunch will be a delightful picnic overlooking the views of Rice Lake. You can walk or we will drive you up to our scenic view where you will relax, eat your three course lunch and enjoy chilled or hot refreshments.

Our afternoon is full of fun and laughter, not to give it all away but…
You will be giggling like a school girl at the fun you are going to have with your mini!
After you say farewell to your mini as you let them out into the field. Don’t be afraid to give your mini a big hug. They love it! ❤️

We debrief discuss our weekend and share our thoughts (only if you want to).

3:30 pm – 4:00 pm – Sadly we say our goodbyes

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