12 Week Curriculum Program

Youth and Adult Programs

Young boy leads horse in arena
Two youth outdoors leading a horse

Learning that’s memorable and fun!

What you learn is important, however what you remember is priceless. Working with horses creates a unique memory that causes the attendee to remember the training far longer than if sitting in ‘just-another classroom’. Empowering each individual through group exercises with a focus on individual qualities while having some extreme fun.

Decorative building blocks

How to explain the BuildingBlock process

It’s a process where each program has an objective yet all objectives are built into each program. We work with one solid objective at a time and keep building on these skills each week hence the building block curriculum. Building skills for life!

Building Block Progression of Experiential Learning Exercises:

  1. Orientation – Objective: Knowledge
  2. Starting the Journey – Objective: Building Relationships
  3. Circuit Training – Objective: Skill Development
  4. Push Me Pull You – Objective: Communication
  5. Who’s the Brain – Objective: Listening and Articulation
  6. Red Light Green Light – Objective: Focus
  7. Silent Communication – Objective: Body Language
  8. Match that Horse – Objective: Negotiation
  9. Blindman’s Adventure – Objective: Trust
  10. Build Your Own Course – Objective: Team & Leadership Skills
  11. It’s All Up To You – Objective: Choices
  12. Common Sense – Objective: Problem Solving