Close up image of pattern on a western saddle

Horses bring learning to life

Horses are the masters of leadership and teamwork. The skills and behaviours needed to work successfully with our horses are the same skills and behaviours that will take your team’s performance to the next level. As you work as a team, your horse partners will act as a realtime performance review, providing honest feedback as you go.  You will not only learn, but experience what it takes to get it right creating lasting learning.

Results Driven

The foundation of our team building events is our proven experiential Equine Assisted Learning curriculum. Each exercise has been carefully developed and tested through research and is objective-based allowing us to customize your experience to meet your team’s specific needs.  You can rest assured that we will exceed your expectations as you build the skills you set out to learn through an experience you will never forget.

Professional Facilitators

Our team of Certified EAL Facilitators are carefully selected for their passion, professionalism and diverse backgrounds. We have walked in your shoes. We get it. We speak your language. We will wow you as we link your experience with our horses clearly to the challenges and opportunities you face every day while helping you build the skills and behaviours of high performing teams.