Meet our staff

Image of tan horse


This is Tivio. He is a quarter horse born in 2006. Tivio has been part of the family at Saffron Equine Centre since 2015. He is a big, gentle and friendly teacher in our skills development programs. Many people comment that he looks just like Spirit from the Disney movie.

Image of Ice the horse


Meet Ice. She has beautiful eyes. One is blue and one is brown. Her eyes are as colorful as her personality. Many people are drawn to Ice and like to take her picture. She is happy to make friends with people, she loves to go out on trail rides and enjoys her job as a teacher. She was born in 2003.

Image of Rain who is brown and white standing in a field


This pretty lady is Rain. She is a Paint mare born in 2003 in Alberta. Rain is a strong leader in her herd and is quick to express her likes and dislikes. She has been a part of the family at Saffron Equine Centre since she was 2 yrs old.

Image of Ruby the brown hose


Meet Ruby. Ruby is a quarter horse, born in 2005. She joined the family at Saffron Equine Centre after retiring from work as a show horse and a breeding mare. Ruby has found a new job here as an excellent kind and patient teacher.

Image of Scout who is a black horse with a white stripe on his nose


This big guy is named Scout. He was born in 2009. He is part Friesian, Belgian, and Paint. Not many people or horses push Scout around. He is a strong leader in his herd but also a gentle teacher and friend to visitors at Saffron Equine Centre. He joined our family in 2014.